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Blue Handle Publishing is creating the future of publishing by breaking down barriers, building strong relationships with writers, and providing the tools and resources needed for authors to thrive in an ever-changing industry.
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Through Blue Handle’s mission, we’re gaining a following in the author and reader communities by gathering great stories. We’re also growing relationships in the entertainment industry to broaden the reach of these stories and the amazing authors who write them. By signing book deals with authors such as an NFL coach, an international rock star, and an award-winning playwright — adding to our already impressive list of award-winning titles — Blue Handle Publishing continues to push the boundaries of quality and content creation for the masses.

An alternative to self-publishing and traditional publishing, we’re a growing press that will print, market, and distribute your work to bookstores and digital platforms while you retain majority ownership. We focus on investing in our authors and teaching them the effort needed to write, market, and cultivate their work as we invest in them as brands — not just authors. 

Although we can pay homage to tradition and embrace the industry that has brought us amazing works over the centuries, Blue Handle likes to push the envelope. Our approach is author-centric in the way we share royalties and in our approach to cultivating a manuscript. This means we are selective in what works we publish, but that is why our founder created our editing platform and online school, Book Puma, so our team can impact as many authors as possible regardless of where their amazing stories take them. 

About Us

Blue Handle began when founder, writer and CEO Charles D’Amico ran into multiple issues trying to get his Neil Baggio Suspense Series published, and realized how much the game was stacked against the writer. He knew there were self-publishing options, but instead wanted to learn about the industry, grow and help repeat it for other individuals. Blue Handle officially launched in June 2020, and since then has signed with a handful of authors located in the West Texas area.

Whether it’s our author-centric approach to royalty and investment, our focus on branding or our Book Puma editorial services, Blue Handle is about reinventing how authors get the support and tools needed to get their work published.

Andrew J. Brandt
Author Highlight

Andrew J Brandt grew up in a library. His grandmother worked at the city library in his hometown of Vernon, TX when he was a young child and he has fond memories of spending hours in the rows of books. When he discovered Goosebumps books, he ran through them at nearly two per week. In the fifth grade, he put his voracious reading to use to win the elementary school's Accelerated Reading program. Andrew began his college career at West Texas A&M University, eventually graduating with a degree in General Studies.

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The costs associated with publishing a book is one of the most challenging aspects for an author. Finding the right development editor, copy editor, or proofreader and employing a marketing strategy can be hard...

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Book Marketing

Let’s be straightforward. Marketing is as important as the book itself. If no one sees a book that might be up their alley or reads it, can it ever be defined as great? Getting your book into the hands of readers, book stores..

Book Marketing
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