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The Compass
(Writers Block Section)

Book Puma Book Editing Services
The Compass (Writers Block Section) - $350.00

The compass is a series of customized questions and complete review for an author with writer's block. It is a specially formulated group of questions designed to generate new writing and enhance the creative process.

This process stems from an author’s work, where they are at in their process, and what they are trying to accomplish. Having the founder of Book Puma services, Charles D’Amico, look at the work from a different angle — and having him provide exercises to get an author’s mind working parallel to the story — will allow authors to work through the issues blocking their ability to write freely.

In combination with small exercises, authors will interact with Charles, who has a distinct combination of skills from a behavioral psychology background as well as those of an author who knows how to write with open floodgates.

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