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Gut check
(25 Page Review)

Book Puma Book Editing Services
Gut Check (25 Page Review) - $325.00

The Gut-Check is just what it sounds like — a punch to the gut of an author’s ego. Just like hiring a personal trainer to kick your butt into gear, the Gut-Check hires a trainer for your manuscript.

A Book Puma Services professional will read 25 pages of a manuscript and provide a thorough review of the weaknesses, and strengths, of an author’s writing style. The author can provide any consecutive 25 pages from the same manuscript, not just the first 25. Picking a portion of writing in the middle can be a great learning tool because it can generate different questions that may have never been asked, and new ideas or directions the author may not have foreseen on their own.

The Gut-Check review they get back is 2 pages long with directives and questions to help the author continue with the work provided. Writing and growing as an author is about learning from strengths and weaknesses, which is why the Gut-Check is designed to highlight what an author does well, and what needs work.

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