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Book Editing Services

The Book Puma Services platform is an industry-changing approach to helping authors and writers alike. Whether your manuscript is just starting out, or in need of final touches, we have the affordable and timely services you need. Thanks to the author-centric approach we take at Blue Handle Publishing, we have been able to formulate an affordable system stemmed from the growth of our authors and the work they are producing.

Editing Services

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The Builder
(Developmental Editing)

The builder is the traditional developmental editing services with the efficiency and cost effectiveness associated with the Book Puma Brand. We are about giving author options to develop at their pace, affordably.

The Builder
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The Compass
(Writers Block Section)

The compass is a series of questions (with review) for an author with writer's block. It is a specially formulated group of questions designed to generate writing and the creative process. The Founder currently handles all of these requests.

The Compass
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The Search Party
(Writer Has Barely Started)

The search party is a developmental process in which our team works with the writer, the idea they have and creates one-on-one questions to aid in developing the story and the writing process. If the author wants to keep the coaching going, it will get billed out at a rate of $175/hr.

The Search Party
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Gut Check
(25 Page Review)

The Gut-Check is a 25-page review. This must be any subsequent 25 pages (from the same manuscript). The Gut-Check is designed to review 25 pages of a manuscript with a review of an author's writing style, weaknesses and strengths. The review is 2 pages long with directives and questions to help the author follow up.

Gut Check
Check Mark
Scavenger Hunt
(Line Edit/Copy Edit)

A traditional line edit with the Book Puma efficiency cost controls and operations. The Book Puma Platform is about a systemized approach to handling author's manuscripts with care to ensure all items are touched on and handled properly. Utilizing the traditions laid forth before, with a modernized operational attention to detail.

Scavenger Hunt
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The Finish Line

This is a detailed final reading of a manuscript. This service can only be purchased after editing services have been utilized through the Book Puma Services platform. The Proofreading process is delicate and detailed. If we don't have our hands on the editing process prior to proofread, we cannot guarantee our work. If an author purchases the full Book Puma Services Platform, they will get the Proofread 20% off.

The Finish Line
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Best Foot Forward
(Query Letter)

We have two options. The first is by taking the notes from the author and writing a query letter ($250). The other option is to have the specialist read the manuscript before writing a customer query letter ($650).

Best Foot Forward
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